Grace Glow
Grace Glow
Grace Glow
Grace Glow


Grace Glow

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Designed by the renowned ASMR artist and nail enthusiast, Ker Sequeira (@kerbom3), Grace is more than just a manicure. It's a statement. This press-on gel manicure captures the essence of fall with its mesmerizing gradient aura, blending dark burgundy into a heart of purple and light pink. It's a minimalist's dream with a vibrant twist.

Inspired by ASMR, Made for You
Feel the satisfying smoothness of each nail. Hear the soft click of perfection. Grace isn't just about how it looks – it's about how it feels. Each application is a sensory journey, a moment of calm and beauty.

Your journey to captivating nails starts with Grace. Embrace it today.

Opacity: Full cover
Finish: Glossy

Design by @kerbom3

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