Glassy File
Glassy File
Glassy File
Glassy File
Glassy File
Glassy File


Glassy File

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A reusable glass file meant for frictionless filing and smooth gel removal. It’s gentler than traditional emery boards as the Glassy File helps seal the keratin into the edge of your nails, resulting in less chipping. Create a clean, smooth and sealed edge on your nails or gels for a longer-lasting mani or pedi. 

.5 oz

How to Use 

  • Shape your nails: Easily file nails to preferred length and shape
  • Buff your nails: Reduce the natural nail ridges by lightly buffing your nails with the gritted side of the Glassy File. 
  • Smooth out your gels: Use the pointed end of the Glassy File to lightly press your gels to your nails or smooth out any air bubbles during application.
  • Remove excess gel: File off excess gel in a downward motion and create smooth, “sealed” edge on nails. 
  • Refresh your gels for long-lasting results: Extend the life of your gels by sealing the edge without tearing or ripping

Pro Tips:

  • Always start filing from the outside corner moving toward the middle. 
  • Only file your nail in one direction. Never back and forth to avoid splitting and tearing your nails. 

To clean, wash with warm, soapy water and dry completely after each use. Keep Glassy File in a dry, cool place.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Handle with care.

Made in Korea.